Slopes in Sulden 

44 perfectly prepares kilometres of slopes are at our visitors’ disposal.

14 km of them are easy (blue), 13 km of medium difficulty (red) and 17 km are difficult (black).

1Madritsch4.600 measy panoramic slope
1aMadritsch2.000 measy panoramic slope
2Madritsch2.100 measy panoramic slope
3Beltovo1.800 mmiddle-difficult descent
4Beltovo1.500 mmiddle-difficult descent
1bValley descent3.900 mmiddle-diff. descent to valley
1cKanonenrohr2.500 mchallenging
7Gran Zebru 11.800 mdifficult panoramic descent
8Gran Zebru 21.000 mmiddle-difficult descent
9Worldcup slope   800 mdifficult/middle-difficult descent
10Wood descent Langenstein2.700 mchallenging wood descent
12Wood descent Kanzel2.800 mmiddle-difficult descent
12aSteep700 mmiddle-difficult slope
12bConnection slope2.000 mconnection Kanzel – cable railway
13Zay descent3.200 mmiddle-difficult descent
14Des Alpes 11.400 msimple panoramic slope
14aDes Alpes 21.400 msimple panoramic slope
15Ortler1.300 mmiddle-difficult slope
16Rosim2.700 mdifficult/middle-difficult slope
5Hochleiten3.000 mnot prepared slopen.p.
6Schaubachweg2.500 mnot prepared slopen.p.
11Marlet2.800 mnot prepared slopen.p.